VENTUS Air Handling Unit

Multi-purpose air handling and conditioning units

The design solutions, drawing on the company’s knowledge and experience, fully meet the expectations of our Customers and respond to the market demand. As a result, VTS offers versatile, reliable and energy-efficient units.

  • Building of any capacity - from restaurants, through trading centres to huge production plants.
  • Operation in all climatic zones from -40°C to +70°C.
  • All kinds of buildings - residential, commercial, industrial.
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bring about benefits

Installation space savings:

  • High performance direct drive PLUG type fans.
  • Light structure - frameless casing of hight class tightness.
  • Three delivery methods available - in packages, in sections
    or as a ready-to-install device.

Low operating

  • High energy recovery rate - up to 85%.
  • Smooth adjustment of the air flow rateas a STANDARD feature.
  • Optimal selection of the unit size according
    to a building cubature.

Comfort of work:

  • Silent operation.
  • Reliable control system applications.

Energy recovery rate up to 87%!

  • Energy recovery systems ideally suited to any climate conditions.
  • Minimal airstreams exchange in the energy recovery blocks.
  • Sensible and latent heat recovery.

VTS Group offer includes: rotary regenerator, cross-flow heat recuperator and run-around coil.

Exceptional rigidity and integrity of the AHU

Eurovent Certified

Frameless casing

A unique C-shape casing ensures excellent integrity and rigidity of the AHU.Highest possible leak-proof design.

  • no thermal bridges
  • minimized energy loss
  • exceptional integrity
  • compact size
  • highest casing rigidity rating
  • modern design
  • easy installation
  • corrosion resistant

High performance
direct drive PLUG fans

  • Silent operation thanks to innovative airfoil blades with unique trailing edge shape.
  • Substantial energy savings.
  • Smooth performance regulations using VFD technology.
  • High efficient direct drive - elimination of V-belt transmission.
  • Maintenance-free fan-set.
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Stable operation, easy control

Carefully selected and programmed control applications enable professional management of air ventilation and conditioning circuits.

  • Speelling operating cost.
  • User Interface – for easy AHU status monitoring and management.
  • Fan drives status remote set-up and monitoring.
  • Suited for integration with BMS systems.

Investment safety

Eurovent Certified

The structure and operating parameters of VENTUS AHUs meet a number of requirements and standards which is confirmed by international certificates.

VTS guarantees excellent product quality and highest level customer service.

  • 2 weeks – delivery of standard AHUs.
  • 24h/7days – VTS Service guarantees the shortest response time
    on the market.
  • Up to 5 years of Warantee.

User friendly on-line AHU selection tool
certified by EUROVENT

Eurovent Certified
  • Enter the on-line selection tool at
  • Select the AHU you need in 60 seconds.
  • Selection parameters are certified by Eurovent.
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