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VTS Group on Central Asian markets

VTS Group, one of the global leaders in the HVAC industry, operates with growing dynamics on the Central Asian markets. At present, VENTUS air handling units are available in several Central Asian countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan Uzbekistan and Georgia and by the end of the year our company is planning expansion to the markets in Mongolia and Turkmenistan.

“As is shown by our reports and analyses, VTS products feature very good quality to price ratio. Nonetheless, we are still at the stage of creating our product awareness among the potential customers and building VTS position in this region. Therefore, apart from an attractive product offer - additional benefits offered by our company in the form of a warranty, short delivery time, certificates confirming the highest quality of our appliances (Eurovent, TUV, ISO), mature corporate culture and VTS reference facilities widespread throughout the world - play a significant role in the sales process”
  – says Zbigniew Gawliński, Corporate Business Development Manager.

Among the recent successful VTS projects on the Central Asian markets, it is worth noting two large undertakings in Armenia: Dalma Garden Mall (largest shopping and entertainment arena in Armenia) and the Avedisian High School (the campus for students in Yerevan).

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“Since September, we are planning to launch our offer in Mongolia. I expect that similarly to the other Central Asian markets, we will quickly attract reliable partners, with whom VTS will introduce completely new, better quality in  supply of the HVAC products.” – continues Zbigniew Gawliński.

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